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Valentine’s Day Etiquette: Plan Ahead and Have Fun

Valentines Day Etiquette - Jules HirstAs we get older, Valentine’s Day looms larger and larger. Either we are with some­one spe­cial and feel the angst of mak­ing the day extra spe­cial or we are alone and feel worse because we have nobody to cel­e­brate with. It doesn’t have to feel this way. With a lit­tle fore­thought and plan­ning, Valentine’s Day can be fun for every­one. Review our tips below to help add a lit­tle fun to your Valentine’s Day.

  • If you have a spe­cial some­one, talk about Valentine’s Day with them. This is not a time to make assump­tions. Maybe your part­ner is really into Valentine’s Day or maybe not. Maybe you are. By talk­ing it over, both sides will have an under­stand­ing of the other’s expec­ta­tions and then can plan accordingly.
  • If you don’t have a spe­cial some­one at the moment but are think­ing about ask­ing some­one, don’t wait until the last minute. There is noth­ing worse than being turned down and then not hav­ing a backup plan. By ask­ing the per­son ahead of time, you now have time to make plans to cel­e­brate or cre­ate a backup plan to spend time with friends.
  • Valentine’s Day this year is on a Mon­day, which isn’t always the best day to cel­e­brate. By plan­ning ahead you can turn it into a week­end event or just cel­e­brate a day or two early. This will help beat the crowds and can lead to bet­ter service.
  • Gift giv­ing doesn’t have to be extrav­a­gant. Every woman would love a lit­tle blue box from Tiffany’s, but if that’s not in the bud­get this year then find some­thing per­sonal and spe­cial. Remem­ber, it’s the thought that counts.
  • Flow­ers and choco­lates are Valentine’s Day sta­ples but don’t break the bank try­ing to impress. A sin­gle rose can declare love just as well as a dozen roses but doesn’t cost nearly as much.
  • You don’t have to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Some of your friends may not have sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers, so plan an out­ing for that evening so that you are not alone. Have a bowl­ing night or a movie night. Spend­ing time with friends can be just as reward­ing and can help fill any void you may be feeling.

Plan­ning ahead can remove the anx­i­ety from Valentine’s Day. Talk­ing with your part­ner about Valentine’s Day plans will help ease the stress from both of you and will lead to an improved cel­e­bra­tion. Also, if you are sin­gle plan an event with friends because they may be sin­gle as well and the com­pan­ion­ship will ben­e­fit you both.

Trick or Treat Etiquette

Trick or Treat Etiquette Hal­loween is an evening  when a  child can dress up and be  who­ever they  want, but no mat­ter who  your child wants to  be don’t for­get  to take your trick or treat  eti­quette with you.  Here is a list of Do’s  and Don’ts to remember:

For Givers:

If you are plan­ning on giv­ing out candy do leave your porch light on.  Leav­ing the light on sig­ni­fies that you are in the trick-or-treat business.

Giv­ing out fruit, box of raisins or home­made treats, although done with the best inten­tions, is not a good idea.  Par­ents are more than likely to throw away any­thing that is hand­made and/or open, plus kids are there for candy.

Trick or Treaters:

Only go to the homes with the porch light on.  Knock or ring the door­bell once and stand back.

Do say trick or treat.  Unless your cos­tume is deer in the head­lights, don’t stand there with your bag open with a blank stare.

Only take one to two pieces of candy and remem­ber to say “thank you” and never say “I don’t like that”.

Stay on the side­walk and off the grass and flowerbeds.

If you still don’t have a cos­tume Here are some ideas for no-sew Hal­loween costumes.

If you are the host­ess with most­ess tonight here are some ideas for easy Hal­loween treats

Don’t let poor eti­quette take away the fun on this All Hal­lows Eve.

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